100% testing

100% safety

Consult. Check. Sorting

Through our know-how and specially developed process technologies, we achieve unsurpassed quality, which guarantees you the highest level of safety and outstanding productivity.

  • 100% inspection of each individual granule grain.
  • 00% removal - almost all errors

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of your goods inspection and upgrading.

The separation.group can detect and eliminate the following changes and impurities.

  • Black-Specks ®
    (smallest, dark inclusions in the granulate)
  • Optical form and colour deviations
    (unavoidable production-related flaws, mostly due to thermal and mechanical damage as well as pelletizing errors)
  • cross-contamination
    (contamination by foreign substances)

Quality optimisation

  • Optoelectronic sorting for the removal of optically detectable deviations. (Black-Specks, specks, nozzle shredders etc.)
  • Screening of shape and size deviations. (Spelzen, Longs etc.)
  • Reconditioning and salvage of damaged products and packaging (e.g. due to storage and transport damage, even directly from the truck)
  • Removal of foreign substances (e.g. packaging waste, label waste, wood, cardboard, paper, foil, cable waste, metal, screws etc.)
  • Removal of shape deviations (double grain, fragments, semolina, over- and undersized grain, etc.)
  • Dedusting (fine dust, angel hair, snake skin, tinsel, confetti, foils, metal dust, etc.)
  • Removal of superficial adhesions (powder, dust, dirt particles, minerals, metal, etc.)

Consulting and training

  • Determination of damage causes at manufacturers and processors
  • Independent expertise and expert opinions in the event of a claim
  • Advice on damage minimization in production and logistics
  • Creation of process audits
  • Creation of quality certificates
  • Purchase consultation and test execution for optical sorting systems
  • Seminars and training courses on all aspects of optical detection and separation of quality defects
  • Development of reproducible test processes for quality evaluation


  • Material handling under clean room conditions
  • Overpacking of products
  • Neutralisation and re-labelling of packaging
  • Packaging of granulates (standard and special packaging)
  • Storage of general cargo and silo goods
  • Weight checks
  • Replacement of defective pallets without decanting or opening the packaging
  • Disposal of packaging and product residues
  • Merchandise planning


  • Optical and physical (damage) analyses of plastics
  • Creation of tested samples, e.g. for approvals
  • Statistical sampling
  • Moisture tests (absorption)
  • Analysis of metal impurities from 0.1 mm