on the move

Technology and progress

The is the only service provider in the industry with its own technical research and development department. Our outstanding innovations include:

  • The world's first "Mobile Granule Clinic ®"
  • World's most powerful image processing system for the detection of Black-Specks®.
  • Development of special process equipment for plastics testing and cleaning (for dust removal, screening, demetallization...)

Due to the rapid progress, more and more high-quality and specialized plastic products are being developed. With this development, the quality requirements for the raw materials used are also increasing to the same extent.

We invest in the future and are already developing systems for the qualitative requirements of tomorrow, in order to always use the best technology.

Improvement is our claim

We change and improve continuously, because we grow with the demands of our customers. That is why we see ourselves as a qualitative market leader. And for good reason!

  • We have been pioneers since the very beginning and have been on the market since 2000.
  • We have been speaking the language of plastics manufacturers and processors for over 30 years and understand your processes and goals.
  • We recognize and separate on stationary and mobile plants
  • Our R&D department conducts daily research into the development and optimisation of the process engineering systems we use and have developed ourselves. This is what makes them so powerful and unique.

We are committed to excellence, constant innovation, intensive research and to making our business a little better.

Examples of typical problems

  • Black-Speck, Black Spots, specks, dark inclusions
    in the granules ...
  • Longs, husks, double grain, oversize ...
  • Nozzle tears, burns, pitting, yellowing ...
  • fragments, semolina, undersize, dust, snake skin, angel hair ...
  • Metal adhesions or loose metal, wood, cardboard, foil ...